PLAAY AI Smart Video


The Easiest Way to Share Highlights with Friends and Family

PLAAY allows the experience and fun to live on 

TeamSnap simplifies youth sports with scheduling,

updates, and now video highlights

Personalized highlights are generated automatically by the

PLAAY app and delivered right to every player’s smartphone

How Does it Work

PLAAY’s AI uses patented athlete recognition technology to identify players on the field.

Filming in the PLAAY app takes care of the editing for you.

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Planning and saving for college has never been easier in the most important decision of a student’s life.

We help families find the college that’s the best all-around fit for them. We create a personalized and comprehensive academic, athletic, financial and recruiting college game plan.

Since it was formed in 2009, TeamSnap has been passionately dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, coaching, or organizing team sports and groups.