Store Your Videos

Store all your videos from multiple teams and sources with no added storage cost!

Create Highlights Across Multiple Games

Select your clips in our advanced video library and include them in a single highlight reel. Perfect for combining games from different seasons.

Time and Money Saved

By uploading your videos into PLAAY you are sent just the clips of the times you were recognized. No more time is spent searching your hour long game videos, with PLAAY you are done editing in minutes.

Advanced Editing Tools

PLAAYs advanced editor has easy to use tools, enabling you to make as many highlight videos as you need throughout the year. Create title pages, spot shadows, and music with just a click of a button.

Need Help?

For only $250, PLAAY will use its network of Division 1 athletes to create your highlight tape for you. Choose your best clips and PLAAY will take care of the rest.