The NEW Recruiting Highlight Reel

The Old Way…

1. Get game video


2. Watch hours of game film


3. Write down the times of your highlights


4. Send the video and highlight time stamps to a video editing company


5. Wait 2 weeks for the video.. Respond with any necessary changes


6. Wait 1 more week to get the final video


Total: 1 month / $500*


You could also make it yourself… but it probably won’t look great.


1. Get game video

2. Give it to PLAAY

Just tell us your team, position, and jersey number.

3. Next Day

PLAAY delivers a complete highlight video to your iPhone. Make any changes you want in the app. 

TOTAL: $200

Be in full control of your Highlight Reel

Make any changes you want…

whenever you want


  • Change music


  • Edit your title page


  • Add photos


  • Include your latest highlights by uploading any new game footage


  • Download & share your updated reel whenever you want


  • Spot shadow feature

Reel Sample

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PLAAY Recruiting REEL


PLAAY uses artificial intelligence to create personalized highlights.

Any footage you provide- from 1 or multiple teams- will be converted into a personalized highlight reel that is delivered right to your smartphone or desktop.

  • Unlimited clips
  • Instant delivery



PLAAY is changing the way athletes get recruited.


Planning and saving for college has never been easier in the most important decision of a student’s life.

We help families find the college that’s the best all-around fit for them. We create a personalized and comprehensive academic, athletic, financial and recruiting college game plan.

Since it was formed in 2009, TeamSnap has been passionately dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, coaching, or organizing team sports and groups.