PLAAY Looks to Revolutionize Sports Video

Who has time for creating recruiting videos?

The growth and increasing popularity of lacrosse means that the college recruiting process is more stressful than ever. With the new recruiting rules, there has never been more emphasis on highlight videos as a tool for recruited players to showcase their talent to prospective college coaches.

The founders of sport video app, PLAAY are former college athletes and coaches who have significant experience in this area.

“The most difficult part was the time it took to create recruiting highlight videos”, said PLAAY founder, Chris Ricciardi.” You play in 4 tournaments of 4 games each over the summer and fall and have 16 hours of video per season. Then you need to create a 2 minute highlight video to send to coaches. Who has time for that?”

Computer vision automates the toughest part of editing

So, PLAAY decided to solve the problem by building a technology that would automate the editing process. The solution they came up with was to use computer vision and machine learning to recognize players by their uniforms. PLAAY, does all of the standard video editing functions — cutting clip length, title slides, spot shadowing and sound track but the automated player recognition is the unique and patented special sauce.

“The time savings is dramatic. And at $50 per year for a player subscription, every player going through the recruiting process should have it. This is true even if you have another application like Hudl or Krossover or if you use a professional video producer — those guys still make you pick the best 2 minutes of clips from hours of footage yourself.”

“Most importantly, you want to take control of your highlight video process. You can’t be begging coaches for access to their system or storing your game film all over the place. For $50, it is an easy decision.”

Beyond Lacrosse Recruiting

Says Ricciardi, “The technology is so powerful and flexible that people are finding new uses for it all the time. Coaches are using it for tryouts, and scouting. It is even a great way to keep parents connected to their players while away at camps.”

“Recently we have seen people use our free mobile app as fans at games. Fans and players can follow their players of interest and just get the video clips of that athlete from any camera angle. All of the edited and saved videos become part of the Top PLAAYs page on the app generating the best videos from every game, state, and sport. Think of it as “Sports Center’s Top 10 for high school.”

PLAAY is the Presenting Sponsor of Inside Lacrosse Uncommitted All-Star Games to be held over three sessions in June and July.

Appeared originally in Inside Lacrosse, May 2, 2017.