Attract and retain the best talent by integrating video into all of your club’s promotion and customer touch points including; your website, social media, emails and push notifications.

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End of season/tournament recaps – current and prospective players want to watch teams and clubs dominate.

Your teams work hard to qualify for and play well in  tournaments. Parents line the sidelines to cheer their players and many record the play on their phones. PLAAY makes it simple to promote your club by to creating season and tournament recaps with its shared videos and photos feature. Parents share all of their content and PLAAY automatically generates a montage. There’s no need for you and your  coaches to spend hours clicking through videos. Let the parents work together to capture great memories for your club.                                                                                                                  

Social media – Market to players and parents where they hang out online.

Whether it’s on instagram or twitter for players or facebook for parents and fans, people love to watch, share and comment on sports video on social media. PLAAY makes it easy to post short snackable club highlight clips. Easy, quality content that boosts your club’s profile online. Make sure you use video to speak the language of your target players and parents where they are likely to engage with your club.                 


Player commitments – Shout about your players’ successes and others will follow.

Success begets success and nowhere is this more valuable than in publicizing your players’ college commitments. Players and their families pick clubs with the end goal of college recruitment. Player videos paint a much more compelling picture than a written list. A simple and inspiring video of your committed players with a nod to your club and coaches and brief highlights goes a long way. Just take pre-existing photos and videos and let PLAAY do the rest.

Coach Intros – Let players and parents meet the coaches who will shape their future success.

If parents are going to invest time, effort, money and their player’s future, they need know that they are in the best hands.  Highlight your coaches’ accomplishments, club culture and strategy for success in video. It’s a whole lot more compelling than a written bio with a grainy picture.

Camp video montages – Use video to give prospective players and parents a real feel for your camps.

Camps are for fun and learning. You and your other coaches are out there taking lots of pictures and videos. The parents love to see what their kids are doing, so put together a video with ease. Having a video with pictures of camp distinguishes you from other camps. The parents will eat it up, send their players back, and it’s a great marketing tool for future camps.

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