PLAAY Sports is a video processing platform that uses its patented athlete recognition technology to make editing sports video easy and enjoyable. With a platform to store your videos at a cost-effective price and easy to use interface, the users extend far beyond the current solutions. View our Products page to see which is the right solution for you.



How can I access the web app?

The PLAAY web app is a paid-access service intended for teams, coaches, and athletes who are managing video content for their college recruitment process.  It provides automated highlights extraction from raw video, easy tools to organize your game video, and a video editor to create highlight reels with advanced features like spot shadowing, sound-track, title slides, and more.

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Tips for using PLAAY?

For the best use of the PLAAY Technology:

  • Solid uniform color with clearly contrasting player number (think Penn State football uniforms).
  • Numbers on the front and back
  • Clear view of the number
  • Close view – zoomed in enough to clearly see a number

Thing to avoid:

  • Patterned uniform colors like stripes or cammo
  • Colors which are not contrasting (like yellow on white)
  • Small numbers
  • Obstructed view of the number (long hair blocking number, shirt tucked in which blocks number)
  • Numbers on one side only (it still works but only half as often)
  • Numbers over 99 (coming soon)
  • Zoomed out too far
  • Players on sideline blocking the view of the field.

General Rule: If it is hard for you to see the numbers with your eye, it is hard for PLAAY to see the number.

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How do I make my own Highlight tape?

Making a Highlight tape with PLAAY is quick and easy. Purchase our recruiting package that gives you access to the PLAAY Editor. From there all you have to do is upload your film and you will see recognitions in no time.

Go into the Editor for each event and begin to select your highlights. Once selected you can add spot shadows using our spot shadow tools, along with titles and music.

Having Trouble?

Contact PLAAY to have one of our Ex-Division 1 athletes help you along in the process.

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How does the Recent Clips feed work?

  1. Whenever new video is uploaded to PLAAY, each athlete recognized in a clip from that video gets a copy of the clip in their Recent Clips feed. The objective of the Recent Clips feed is to get athletes to tag their own clips.  Once an athlete has viewed a clip, whether they tag it or not, it is removed from the Feed.
  2. Recognized clips are also posted to the coach and assistant coach feeds for the team, and are removed as either a coach or the athlete in question views and tags (or doesn’t tag) the clip.
  3. As a coach, it is easy for you to see which athletes need encouragement to tag their clips because their untagged clips will accumulate in your Feed! Ideally, your Feed should clear itself within a couple of days of each upload as your athletes do their work.
  4. All clips are always available by going to the Teams tab, clicking the team of interest, and either checking the Recent tab or selecting a specific event from the Events tab.
  5. You can also search for clips by event or athlete by using the Search box at the top of the display.
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How Do I Create A Reel?

  1. Use the Composer inside the Editor to create your own reels. Reels are collections of clips that play with a title slide you can write.  You can use them to reinforce coaching messages to your athletes, or to share with parents, friends, and fans.
  2. It’s easy to distribute Reels to your athletes or share them on social media. You can download a Reel using the “Download” link in the top left of the Reel and then upload it to your team’s YouTube channel, Vimeo account, or anywhere else.
  3. To use the Composer click and drag clips from the Editor into the Composer area, or click the “+” sign to the right of a clip to add it to the bottom of the clips in the Composer.
  4. You can also click and drag to rearrange clips in the Composer.
  5. Clips in the Composer stay where they are even when you leave the Editor, so you can build a Reel of clips from different games just by opening each Event in the Editor and dragging the clips you want into the Composer.
  6. Display detailed information on each clip in the Composer by clicking the “Show detailed info” link at the top right of the composer.
  7. Type text into the “Title” field to add a title slide to your Reel.
  8. Finally, click “Preview” or “Publish” to push your new Reel to the Feed and “Reels” page of each athlete on your team.
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How Do I Upload Film?

  1. To upload video from your desktop computer, click the “Upload Video” button in the top left corner of the page. You’ll be asked to pick which game or practice the video is for.
  2. Choose from one of the recent events listed or search by typing the team or opponent name, then click “Select.”
  3. You can also create an event on the spot, just click the “Can’t find your event?” link.
  4. Double check the team jersey colors in the video and confirm them in the next pop-up. We know teams sometimes switch jersey colors, especially at multi-team tournaments, so we let you update jersey colors when you upload event video.
  5. Finally, click “Browse” and select the video file, or drag the video icon from your desktop.
  6. You can click “Done” or “Upload More” if you have more files.
  7. You can monitor the upload and processing status of your videos on the “My Uploads” tab on your home screen.
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How to Set Up Your Game and Practice Schedule?

  1. Video uploads are organized around defined games and practices. You’ll want to set up your schedule in advance so when it comes time to upload video, the event information is already entered.
  2. To set up your schedule:
    1. Click to the Teams tab
    2. Click the specific team you want to manage
    3. Click the Events tab
  3. Click the “Schedule Event” or “Schedule Practice”
  4. For each event, select the home and away teams, home and away team jersey colors if you know them in advance, location, and date.
  5. If your opposing team isn’t listed in the team pull-down, you will need to create it. Click the “Can’t find home/away team link” and enter the information for your opponent.  Jersey colors are not critical as you can change them when you are doing the video upload, so if you don’t know your opponent’s jersey colors, just guess.
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How to Set Up Assistant Coach Accounts?

Assistant coaches have most of the rights of the account owner; you can use them to share the work of managing your game video.  They can upload and edit video, create and share reels or clips, and add or drop athletes.

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How Do I Set Up My Roster?

  1. You’ll want as many of your athletes as possible to have their own PLAAY accounts. Athletes with accounts are identified by both name and jersey number in your video clips, and when athletes tag their clips you gain the ability to search the clips by keyword.  Basic athlete accounts are free and are included in your Team account.
  2. To invite athletes to your team:
    1. Click to the Teams tab
    2. Click the specific team from the list of your teams
    3. Select the “Roster” tab.
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How do I get started as a coach?

The first step is to sign up your team by contacting PLAAY. From there we will give you log in credentials and next steps to begin taking your team to the next level.

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