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Face-Off Factory has partnered with PLAAY Sports to offer our players some great video editing options. PLAAY is a unique sports video editing program which can cut videos into short clips by player.

How it Works

All Face-Off Factory players will get an additional 10% discount from prices that are already attractive.

We can offer a variety of different options depending on what level of service you need for your video:

  • Individual Player Editing Program – Upload any video, unlimited video storage, web based advanced video editor, sync multiple camera angles, and create custom reels.

List Price:

$200.00 Add to cart

  • Team Editing Program – Comes with the same features as above, but with the ability to invite unlimited team members to join. The more players that buy into a team the cheaper the price gets for the individual user or if a coach pays.

List Price:

$4,000.00 Add to cart

Or have PLAAY create your custom Highlight Reel for you:


  • Highlight Reels you can download and share
  • Title page with your Name, Team, Stats & Honors
  • Your best 15 plays, selected by you, edited into a 2 to 3 minute video with music
  • “Spot Shadowing” of you at the beginning of each play so that it is clear to coaches where you are in the reel
  • Delivered to you in 7 business days!
Be sure to use Face-Off Factory coupon code “ff10” at checkout for an extra 10% off!

List Price:

$250.00 Add to cart