PLAAY Photo-Video Montage

Turn your photos and videos into a polished
montage that will last forever.

PLAAY Recruiting

Use PLAAY’s technology to make a professional highlight reel in only 24 hours.

PLAAY Vintage

Your old game tapes are now your newest digital videos to share anywhere.

PLAAY Go-Local

Turn your mobile footage into local news coverage.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Download the PLAAY Montage maker app. It automatically links with your TeamSnap account.

Step 2

Upload photos and videos, then pick your music and title.

Step 3

Let PLAAY’s patented AI technology do the rest.

PLAAY’s team share folder makes it easy for other coaches, parents, and players to share photos and videos.

see how it works

PLAAY is the only sports video app that uses AI to automatically recognize players. Our patented recognition technology spots jersey numbers to give each video a clear focus.

don’t just take our word!

PLAAY Sport’s Athlete Recognition Technology Simplifies Highlight Reels.
PLAAY decided to solve the problem by building a technology that would automate the editing process.


Planning and saving for college has never been easier in the most important decision of a student’s life.

We help families find the college that’s the best all-around fit for them. We create a personalized and comprehensive academic, athletic, financial and recruiting college game plan.

Since it was formed in 2009, TeamSnap has been passionately dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, coaching, or organizing team sports and groups.

PLAAY is a proud member of the NVIDIA Inception program – Propelling AI startups with powerful GPU tools, tech, and deep learning expertise.


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