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The Next Generation of Highlights

Using artificial intelligence to power highlights and video for leading media companies, fans, and athletes

What we do


Deliver patented player recognition technology and highlights AI

App creation

Create branded and labeled apps for live-streaming, VOD and highlights

Recognize individual players

Power personal highlights at the touch of a button with patented automated payer recognition

Generate highlights

Power AI to create highlight reels to share with players, parents, family, friends and to power you social streams

Drive recruiting

Streamline recruiting videos with  AI to create reels from HS and Club games

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Livestreaming and VOD

Deliver livestream games and  and allow viewers to search past games in our extensive library.


PLAAY powers highlights and game summaries for live-streaming pioneer LocalLive


Helping HS players get to the next level with highlights.


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Building the sport with game, player and team highlights.



Check out this great video about how PLAAY powers live streaming powerhouse LocalLive

Check out the LocalLive press release

LL app press release (pdf)


What they're saying

"PLAAY Sport’s Athlete Recognition Technology Simplifies Highlight Reels."


"PLAAY solved the problem by building a technology that would automate the editing process"


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